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1   Link   School readiness: a policy examination of teaching and learning for early childhood education.
The composition and events of a child's life outside school can either hinder or nurture the development of the child's success in school.
2   Link   How Do Your Children Grow? (On the Marcon Study) By: Susan Black
The research on early childhood education leaves no room for doubt: Preschoolers learn best and they become better students in later grades when they follow their natural dispositions. They need to explore, wonder, question, create, and most importantly play.
3   Link   Parents need to be nurtured too
For many preschool teachers and child care providers, relationships with parents and guardians can be difficult. Many say they didn’t go into early childhood education to work with adults! But experts say the relationship with the entire family is critical for the child’s well-being.
4   Link   Early childhood education is key
While teachers and administrators may work to increase family involvement in education, a child's chances of success are shaped long before kindergarten. The key influences: Parents, but also access to quality early childhood education programs.

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