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Pinecone Bird Feeder PDF Print E-mail

Before you begin gather all the materials and prepare your work surface.

Things You'll Need:

  • Lots of newspaper or an easy to clean table cloth
  • Pine cones
  • Vegetable shortening (Crisco)
  • Large shallow dish
  • String
  • Birdseed

4 Easy steps to a fantastic bird feeder

  1. Cover a table with newspaper or an easy to clean table cloth.
  2. Tie the hanging string onto the pine cone. This will be how the feeder hangs.
  3. Coat the pine cone in vegetable shortening. This is the ‘glue’.
  4. Pour birdseed into a shallow dish and roll the pine cone in the birdseed until it is completely covered

Now you have a wonderful bird feeder to hang in your garden and it wont be long till the birds show up for a delicious snack.

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