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Teacher Lee announces the launch of ‘Naughty Norman’ in print and Kindle editions

Teacher Lee, the founder of the Play-To-Learn free preschool program, launches the first of her educational circle time stories for young readers at an event hosted by the San Diego Jewish Academy Preschool.

San Diego, California – April 20, 2015Leora Lazarus, known to children around San Diego as Teacher Lee, is a veteran teacher and the founder of a free preschool program that has helped thousands of financially impacted families prepare their children for Kindergarten. She is now a published author with a book that has grabbed the attention of young readers and parents. The book, titled 'Naughty Norman’, is a light hearted circle time story. It teaches the concepts of counting and time to preschoolers and early readers, using humor and just a touch of suspense. The beautifully simple illustrations by the Pasadena based artist Judi Holland are designed to fire the imaginations of young children.

While ‘Naughty Norman’ is available now on, and through the Kindle store, the official book launch will take place at the San Diego Jewish Academy Preschool on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 3pm.

According to Teacher Lee, the stories are now ready to be published because they are preschooler approved. “I make sure that every story I tell in my circle time is fun and grabs the attention of the children in my class,” commented Teacher Lee. “I am continually editing my own work based on the toughest audience out there because, if it isn’t a great story, the slightest distraction will shift the attention of a child away from the story-teller.”

About Leora Lazarus

Leora Lazarus graduated from the Barkly House Teachers Training College in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the course of thirty years, Leora has worked with thousands of children in schools in South Africa and the United States. She is a lifelong proponent of developmental teaching and sees enormous value in allowing children the latitude to learn all the skills they need through play, music and art. She has spent the past 10 years providing San Diego’s most vulnerable children with a free preschool education through her Play-To-Learn program. Leora currently holds a teaching position at the San Diego Jewish Academy Preschool.

For more information about ‘Naughty Norman’ please visit,, or contact Leon Lazarus at 949-395-4574.


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