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Teacher Lee

Due to budget cuts in our school systems and the ongoing race to turn every two year old into a memorization machine we are seeing more and more children entering the main stream school system without the basic skills they need to function and learn in a kindergarten setting. This unsettled me and I decided to face the problem head on by providing a FREE mobile preschool that would give families falling into the gap between the subsidized poor and the self sufficient wealthy a fair start in preparing for kindergarten.

Teacher Lee’s Play-To-Learn™ Developmental Preschool program is devoted to teaching children school readiness skills through their environment. While there is room for academics in the world, young children learn best through play. With this in mind my developmental classroom is set up in such a way that children gain kindergarten school readiness skills through their environment, through play and without flashcards or drills. We require the presence of a parent or care giver at our sessions because our program is not just about having fun. It is about giving parents and children a real fighting chance in a struggling school system that places far too little value in early childhood development and developmental learning. Classes are held once a week and are free. A donation is always welcome and helps keep the classes stocked with all the things children love to play with. Donations are not mandatory and no one will ever be turned away for financial reasons. Families may join as many classes a week as they wish.

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