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Written by Teacher Lee   
Friday, 24 April 2015 01:19

Naughty NormanI am thrilled to announce that Naughty Norman will be officially launched at the San Diego Jewish Academy on Thursday, April 30. We will have a reading of the book in a huge circle time event at about 3.30, and then its playtime.

The teachers and staff are almost as excited as I am to see Norman take his place in the world of children's literature. It is a dream come true and I hope everyone loves Norman as much as we do.

If you are in the San Diego area on the 30th, please stop by for a reading of the book and get your copy signed. There will be refreshments and loads of fun things for the children to do.

See you there.

Teacher Lee

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Supporting FREE preschool has great perks! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teacher Lee   
Saturday, 19 October 2013 23:19

Teacher Lee flubber

The indiegogo campaign to fund our free preschool program is now in full swing and thanks to seven very generous contributors we have passed the $600 mark.

We have some wonderful companies and individuals who have made in-kind donations to help us reach out goal. The incredible children’s artist and humanitarian Trevor Romain, is illustrating the new Teacher Lee book ‘Naughty Norman’. Contributors will receive a signed first edition print, which will be a collector’s item the day it arrives. We also have jewelry from Samantha Davimes, amazing advertising and PR campaigns for corporations from LazBro, Inc and much more.

All these companies and individuals believe, like we do, that the Play-To-Learn program is very special and unique. There are more than 1,200 families in San Diego attending classes every year. That translates into about 2,000 children. It is a staggering number! We see families from the Chicano Federation, Price Charities properties and Head Start joining us for Play-To-Learn every week. For that reason we really need the support of businesses and individuals to keep this program funded and thriving.

It is unbelievable, but keeping a child in the program for a month costs just $12.50! That is about the cost of a single movie ticket. What that gives back to the communities we reach is beyond value. The children who graduate from our program and go on to Kindergarten begin school with all the skills they need to be successful for life.

Play-To-Learn is a great investment, so don’t delay … contribute today.

Visit or just go the website at and click on the indiegogo link to join the campaign!  You can also join actors Anthony Rapp, Jonathan Morgan Heit and Peter Jacobsen to tweet your support for the campaign!

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Last Updated on Saturday, 19 October 2013 23:45
911 Tribute PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teacher Lee   
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 04:58

Teacher Lee 911 Tribute

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 September 2013 05:01
6 Ways To Go From “Fogey” To “Fresh”! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teacher Lee   
Thursday, 29 August 2013 23:13

Teacher Lee Grandma and ChildOlder folks can make an important contribution to a child's development ... just by having fun!

In the United Kingdom, a charity called the Nuffield Foundation formulated a study to see how much of an impact grandparents have on the development of their grandchildren. Their study found that young children, cared for by average middle class grandparents, develop better vocabulary than those in day care or preschools. They are ‘significantly ahead’ by the age of three due to the amount of one-on-one time they spend with a loving adult. Their conclusions highlight the important role grandparents often play when they are involved in providing ‘informal’ childcare.

I decided to devote a blog post to talking about the 6 ways grandparents, great uncles and aunts and older family friends can make a real and lasting impact on the early childhood development of the children they spend time with.Make time for the children in your life

  1. Make time for a child

    Find the time in your busy schedule to just block out the noise and static and focus on a child in your life. The break from your routine will be therapeutic and the positive impact on the child is immense.
  2. Relearn how to play

    The trick is to remember why being messy, creative and having fun used to be so great! Sit down with the child in your care and start playing along. Let them lead the way and lose your self-consciousness. No one is watching. You will very quickly find that the sense of wonder, stripped away by years of financial preoccupations, grown up relationships and the human condition, quickly returns. We know of a grandparent who has a private stash of Playdoh, so she can play when the children are at home with their parents. The rule is: Just let go and enjoy your special time together.
  3. Read to children and have conversations with them

    Reading develops thinking and speaking skills in children, and who doesn’t like to tell a great story. Books that encourage children to point to pictures or touch them are great because it becomes an interactive experience.  And don’t be shy to ask the child in your care to read you a story. Children love to read stories. Often, even children who cannot read yet will tell the story from memory and use the pictures as a guide. That makes the experience even more valuable by developing speech and memory as well! Remember, if the child starts making up a brand new story to match the pictures, go with it. I can guarantee their story will be really interesting and your praise reinforces their imagination and creative spirit.
  4. Play games … any games

    Children love to play with everything around them so join in. Sort buttons by color or size, stack beanbags, sort carrots by length and then eat one … there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have together with absolutely anything, and it is all a learning experience!
  5. Do the things you love to do and teach children how to do it too

    If you love gardening or crocheting, cooking or piano, sit down with the child in your life and share some of that knowledge. These don’t need to be structured lessons. Just play a song, plant a flower or bake cookies together. The impact your sharing will make on that young life is difficult to overstate. Try it. See how beautifully children react when you bring them into your world and then embrace their naturally inquisitive nature.
  6. Tell children those great family stories

    Every family has wonderful stories of pioneering ancestors, crazy mix-ups, funny vacations and more. Share them. Children love great stories and, when those stories are about their own family, it makes them even better. Don’t be shy to pull out an old photo or draw a picture with them to illustrate the tale.

Every older person has an important role to play in providing guidance to a child and imparting the wisdom gained over a lifetime. Older people can play a central role in teaching values like sharing, cooperation, trust, compassion and patience just by learning how to be a child again.

By making yourself a positive part of a child’s early learning, you can play a very important role in preparing that child for Kindergarten and a wonderful school experience.

Have fun and make a mess!

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Last Updated on Thursday, 29 August 2013 23:34
Shop at Ralphs and support Teacher Lee PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teacher Lee   
Saturday, 24 August 2013 02:57

Ralphs Teacher LeeTeacher Lee is now officially a member of the Ralphs Community Contribution Program!!!!! You can support free preschool without doing anything more than shopping for groceries!


Sign up your Ralphs Rewards Card right now and every time you shop at a Ralphs store, they will make a donation to the Teacher Lee program at no cost to you.


Once you sign up online, you will receive additional coupons and discounts.


• Have your Ralphs Reward Card ready.
• Go to
• Click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button
• When asked to search for the Organization Name enter MISSION EDGE SAN DIEGO


You must enter MISSION EDGE SAN DIEGO or Teacher Lee will not receive the Ralphs donations.

Once you have done all that, Teacher Lee play to learn will receive contributions from Ralphs through Mission Edge San Diego, the organization that sponsors our program.

Yay Ralphs!!!!!

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Last Updated on Saturday, 24 August 2013 03:04
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