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Nobel PrizeJames Heckman, a Nobel Prize winning economist at the University of Chicago, says that early childhood education is a smart investment. Many of the parents I know love a good investment opportunity so this one seems like a real winner!

Heckman is quoted as saying that money spent on early childhood education quadrupled the benefits of money spent on adult job training programs and far outpaces investments in high school or college.

According to Heckman age 3 is the time to teach youngsters emotional control and motivational, organizational and self confidence skills. He felt that starting early contributes to a child one day graduating from high school and achieving a productive adult life.

The message is a good one as long as we are not throwing our children into formalized and regimented classrooms earlier than we should to try and beat the curve. If we simply take the time to play with our children, read to them, talk to them, challenge them, offer them a measure of independence (let them dress themselves in the morning etc) and keep them away from the television set as long as possible ... we are golden!

Thanks for the vote of confidence James!

Teacher Lee

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