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It is Fall and the leaves are changing all over America. In my opinion this is just the best time of year because the air is crisp and the whole world changes right before our eyes. What a fabulous time to get out of the house with your family and head for the park or nature trail to look at all the new colors that nature is wearing.

While you are there why not pick up pine cones and leaves to take home with you. With a piece of card, some non-toxic glue, water paint and a few hours of together time you can create a Fall masterpiece that will look fantastic on the wall at Thanksgiving.

The natural cycles give our lives a rhythm and a sense of place within the year.  Use that to teach your children about the world and all the wonders it holds. Right now your child is developing a sense of what Fall means?  Will he or she look back fondly in years to come with memories of long walks, happy talks and fun activities with the family?


I sure hope so. Go out there and have fun!

Teacher Lee

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