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6 ways to make bathtime learning fun! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 August 2013 10:01

Teacher Lee Bathtime FunBathing a toddler is fun. No one is in a hurry to rush off and who doesn't like the the warm water and smell of soap. You can make this time a really wonderful and unique learning experience with these 6 easy tips:

1) Start your budding Einstein on a path to scientific greatness by bringing an assorted collection of plastic containers into the bath tub. Its great fun pouring water from one to the other which develops coordination and muscle strength. It also teaches your child the basic ideas of volume. The water in the big container does not fit into the smaller container, and pouring water from the little container into a bigger one just doesn't fill it up. While you are using the containers you can also talk about their colors and count how many there are.

2) Learning letters and numbers can be great fun in the tub. Use a set of plastic letters and numbers that you can float in the water or stick to the tub. Arrange them to write your names, all while making the sounds of the letters as you place them.

3) Art is a blast when there is no mess to worry about! Use some liquid hand soap and food coloring highly diluted with water in a plastic container - the bathtub has just become a canvas. A great idea is to use a travel shampoo container - put in one drop of food coloring and fill it up with water. This way the food coloring is diluted enough and should not stain. You can then store the bottles of coloring for other activities. Painting pictures and letters is fun, but splashing them off is even better! And if you have two or more colors you can really start experimenting. It really gets exciting when you mix yellow and blue and suddenly green appears!

4) As you wash your child, call out the parts of the body that you are scrubbing. "I am washing your nose. I am washing your ears. Let's soap your toes." When you have done this once or twice, start playing a guessing game. Point to the part of the body and ask your child to name it. This is a fantastic way to help a child identify the parts of his or her own body and games are always great learning fun!

5) Counting the number of times you you do something is a wonderful way to exercise a child's math brain. One splash, two splash. You can also count to 10 while you are washing their hair (and their eyes are tightly shut). Make sure they count along with you.

6) Grab a can of unscented shaving cream next time you are at the store. Spray some shaving cream into a cup and let your child paint the walls. You can also add a drop off diluted food coloring which is great for color mixing. And if your child prefers showering, shaving cream is the answer to fun under the shower head.

These are just a few easy tips, but a creative mom or dad can make every bath time more fun than a theme park. We would love to hear your ideas so please share them with us on our FaceBook page.

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