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Understanding The Developmental Preschool- Puzzles PDF Print E-mail
Written by TeacherLee   
Monday, 16 July 2012 23:19

PuzzlesAt first, young children see the picture on the puzzle pieces. Soon, they are able to put a name to the picture. After that, they will learn the names of the colors represented on the pieces. Later, they will develop shape recognition when matching pieces and ultimately they learn to see how the parts make up the whole. Puzzles improve fine motor control and it is wonderful watching children become more dextrous over time.

By placing the pieces in the correct spaces the children gain spatial awareness, organizational skills, problem solving and abstract reasoning. Puzzles can also be used to promote visual tracking from left to right, which is an essential skill for learning to read and write. Concepts can also be introduced in the puzzles to encourage the learning of the alphabet, math skills or science concepts.

Let’s not forget the moment of triumph when a puzzle is successfully completed! All that concentration and hard work is rewarded and the excitement and sense of achievement is a wonder to behold.

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