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Written by TeacherLee   
Tuesday, 10 July 2012 06:27

children play to learnI am often asked about what I do and why I do it. I’ve written this short primer to help you understand a little more about the ‘Teacher Lee Play-To-Learn™ Preschool' program I’ve developed over the past 20 years as an educator and a preschool teacher.

This Developmental Preschool program provides children school-readiness skills by using their environment to its best potential. Academic study will certainly be important in the future, but young children learn best through play. With this in mind, my developmental classroom is set up so that children gain kindergarten school-readiness skills through their interaction with their environment, through play, and without flashcards or drills. As school budgets become tighter and tighter, it seems the race is on to turn every two year old into a memorizing machine. This short-circuits the child’s natural mental and emotional development and as a result, unfortunately, we now see more and more children entering the mainstream school system without the basic skills they need to function and be successful in a kindergarten setting.

This unsettled me so much I decided to face the problem head on by providing a FREE mobile preschool. This offers help to ordinary families who are not poor enough to be eligible for welfare subsidies, and not wealthy enough to pay more for the excellent educational resources that exist. I want to provide families a fair start in preparing for kindergarten. However, the Teacher Lee program is so much more than just a preschool. It empowers parents to educate their children through the environment. Moms and dads who attend our sessions learn how to bring developmental learning into the home and into the everyday life of their children. They learn how to take on a central role in their child’s preparation for school. It is important to note that the Teacher Lee program is not a childcare service. We require the presence of a parent or care giver at our sessions because while our program is fun, it is not only about having fun. It is about giving parents and children a real fighting chance in a stretched and struggling school system which places far too little value in early childhood development and developmental learning.

The Teacher Lee Play-To-Learn™ Preschool classroom is set up in such a way that each area is specifically designed to accentuate different school readiness skills through play and each area aids development in different ways. It is always advisable to dress your children in old clothes so they have the freedom to explore without the constraints of having to keep clean. I really want you, the parent, to be empowered to give your child the best head start possible as they prepare to enter the school system.

Teacher Lee Play-To-Learn™ Preschool cannot run without the generosity of the community so please visit my website at and sign up to be on my mailing list and to make a donation.

Much Love,
Teacher Lee

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