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Understanding The Developmental Preschool- Playdough PDF Print E-mail
Written by TeacherLee   
Sunday, 01 July 2012 01:36

Play-doughWhen young children use play-dough they are getting a tactile, sensory and emotionally satisfying experience and it helps children express their feelings before they are able to communicate verbally. Children of all ages can learn from play-dough and the skills they learn progress with age. With the encouragement and involvement of their parents and teacher, they gain an awareness of color as well as shape recognition from both the play-dough and the tools used to manipulate the play-dough. They also develop hand strength, dexterity and motor skills.

As time goes on, the youngest children become more adept at manipulating the play-dough as their fine motor coordination is developed through this tactile medium. The skills they develop include the ability to use individual fingers, the pincer grip (needed for holding a pen correctly), muscle control for squeezing and pounding, and ultimately fine motor control. As all these skills develop they will have more success in rolling out the dough.

The fantastic thing about play-dough is that it is also an easy medium to manipulate for young children learning to cut. While breaking up the play-dough, the small pieces can be used to learn counting skills too. Number and letter shaped cookie cutters can help build tactile math problems to solve. They can also help teach the names of the letters, and later to form these letters into words. Having children trace the letters with their fingers will help them internalize the alphabet.

You will find that children often sit at the play-dough table for long periods of time, strengthening their muscles - especially their upper body muscles.
Children never stop learning from play-dough. It is easy to make and making play-dough together teaches science skills. Play-dough is also an easy medium to store and clean up. Here is the recipe for the easy to make homemade play-dough we often have at Teacher Lee Play-To-Learn™ preschool classes.

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